Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk

Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk

Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk

Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk

Update the Phone app for your Android Marshmallow device* to improve your calling experience and gain control over calls with features like caller ID and call blocking.

Know who’s calling before you pick up, with business names now visible on the call screen along with their number.

Get the calls you want, and not the ones you don’t. You can now block numbers to prevent unwanted calls.

Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk

Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk

Check your messages without having to call voicemail – view, playback and delete them right from the Phone app. Currently available for Project Fi, T-Mobile USA, and Orange France customers.

No more switching apps or cumbersome copy and paste. Just find and call places right from the Phone search bar.

WHAT’S NEW Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk :
• Bug fixes and accessibility improvements.

1.”Excellent Tight integration with Gmail contacts and other Google services make this a solid dialer. The call blocking option makes even better.”
2.”That’s more like it. This is more like it! Just what I’ve come to expect from Google. A solid improvement over my stock dialer that integrates properly. This is why I use Google products. Thank you.”
3.”My favorite dialer My personal phone is a Nexus and I have a G5 for work. Now I can use the same dialer for both. Awesome!”

DOWNLOAD Google Phone 2.5.12_rc9 Apk : LINK

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