MILLIONAIRE 2015 v3.8 Apk

MILLIONAIRE 2015 v3.8 Apk

MILLIONAIRE 2015 v3.8 Apk

MILLIONAIRE 2015 v3.8 Apk

Millionaire 2015 multi-language will let you feel the suspense like never before as you take on the ultimate general knowledge challenge! Just like you would expect in Millionaire, you should Answer the questions and climb your way up the money tree to become the ultimate virtual millionaire.
– Thousands of general knowledge questions, the further you go the harder these questions get.
– Smooth graphical design.
Supported language:
– Spanish
– English
– Russian
– German
– Vietnamese
– French
– Italian
– Arabic
– Hungarian
– Romanian

What’s New MILLIONAIRE 2015 v3.8 Apk :
Version 3.7:
– Update 2 languages: Romanian and Hungarian

Reviews :
1.”Millionaire Very Addictive, I would like music questions only lol.”
2.”Best Nice one.Simply Loved it.”
3.”Good The point of this game us to test your knowledge so obviously it is hard.”
4.”I really loved and it helps me improving my Gk..”
5.”I like it …… increases our knowledge ………its really awesome.”


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